The 60 Day Challenge

Our 60 Day Challenges are not about crash dieting, we don’t count calories, there are no gimmicks, shakes or magic potions. Find out how we get results and sign up for our Autumn challenge starting in September 2018!

Come & Join Us

Llanelli Beach Bootcamp meet three times a week. We have bootcamp sessions on Machynys Bay on Fridays and Sundays plus a Sprints session on the Millennium Coastal path every Wednesday. Why not come and join us?

4 Years Of Bootcamp!

Llanelli Beach Bootcamp has been running for four years. Check out our video showing just a few of our sessions and events over the years. Then find out how to join us down at Machynys Bay.

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Keep up to date with Llanelli Beach Bootcamp via our Facebook page. We update regularly with photos from our sessions and news about what’s coming up.

Wednesday Sprints

Wednesday Sprint Sessions take place on the coastal path 5.45pm to 6.30pm. This is an express class in non-sandy conditions. Sprinting is a great tool in fat loss and one that is often overlooked. Short, sharp and effective!

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Friday Bootcamp

Our Friday sessions take place 6.00pm to 7.00pm on Machynys Bay beach. In the summer nights watch the sun set over the bay whilst you workout. In the winter we go under the lights, working out in a supportive atmosphere.

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Sunday Bootcamp

Our Sunday session are from 9.00 to 10.00am on Machynys Bay. The Sunday sessions are the perfect way to end the weekend. We run varied sessions using body weight and equipment – and it’s done in a perfect beach setting.

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Claire Shines In Autumn Challenge

The Autumn 60 Day Challenge is arguably the most difficult of the three that we do throughout the year. The nights are getting darker and the weather gets colder. The countdown to that summer body seems so far away. However for our latest challengers none of this was...

How Rhodri Lost 29kg In Just 7 Months

29kg in just over 7 months. That’s a weight loss figure I’d never thought I’d have to work for, especially after losing 2/3 of that about 4 years ago with Llanelli Beach Bootcamp. However, after starting suffering from a type of migraine that can mimic a stroke and...

Don’t Miss The Autumn 2018 60 Day Challenge

Cerys and Maureen have both just completed the Llanelli Beach Bootcamp Summer 60 Day Challenge. Cerys lost a staggering 8kg whilst Maureen lost a fantastic 5kg. Both ladies increased there overall fitness and smashed there fitness tests. Now it's your...

New Group Training & Olympic Lifting Sessions

Llanelli Beach Bootcamp already offers two bootcamp sessions, a sprint session and personal training. However, from September we will be offering two new training packages. These packages are perfect for groups of up to 4 people who want to train together...

Challengers Shine In Summer Sun

Last weekend was a pretty special weekend for us at Llanelli Beach Bootcamp. We celebrated 5 years of our existence on the very eve that our Summer 60 Day Challenge ended. This summers challengers were probably the most fortunate group we’ve ever had weather wise. The...

Proof That Life Really Is Better With Sandy Toes

Rebecca has been with us at Llanelli Beach Bootcamp since almost day 1. She trains hard but like most she trips up with her nutrition from time to time. The difference now is that she can recognise it, and put it right before it gets to out of hand. No one is perfect...

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