Last weekend was a pretty special weekend for us at Llanelli Beach Bootcamp. We celebrated 5 years of our existence on the very eve that our Summer 60 Day Challenge ended. This summers challengers were probably the most fortunate group we’ve ever had weather wise.

The summer heat wave meant that almost ever session was carried out without any wind or rain which is usually a permanent fixture on Machynys Bay. Not only does every one look a lot trimmer in their “after” pictures they all look a lot more tanned too – the perks of outdoor training!

Hard Work Means Results

Once again people continue to amaze us with what they are capable of once they put their minds to something. The results they achieved totally backed up the hard work, determination and commitment that they showed throughout the 60 days.

When you put a group of people through the same process and get them working in sync with each other we truly believe that anything is possible. We provide the tools but the challengers have to put in the work and with the work comes results!

107Kg Weight Loss

As a group we shifted a staggering total weight of 107kg!!!

The pick of the bunch for this challenge was Naomi (12kg & 5.5% body fat) narrowly pipping her Dad, Mark, for winner of biggest weight loss. There were plenty of other really good results too: Rhodri and Bek both lost 9kg, Ele and Cerys both lost 8kg and Rachel lost 7kg.

We also had some pretty impressive fitness test results with some pretty speedy 400m runs from our ladies (Ele 1.31, Jess 1.33). The overall winner of the most improved challenger was Bek who gained 45 reps and 29 seconds on her run!

A month of free bootcamp was the prize for these two amazing ladies. Both of whom are mothers to young children! They always found ways of making time, sometimes training around 9pm when the children were in bed. We always say if you want something badly enough you will find a way! No excuses!

How It Works

So you may ask yourself , How does our challenge work?

Our sessions are tough!
You have to give each session everything, coming away with nothing left in the tank.
Our sessions are on sand….everything is harder on the sand.
We sprint……the simplest most effective way to melt bodyfat
Support from ourselves and from fellow challengers/bootcampers.
Timings of our classes. Sunday early morning, late Friday night.
It does help with the temptations of going out.

If you are looking for a way to get your self back on track then our challenge works. The next one will be in Autumn so keep an eye out for details or drop us a line if you’re interested.

Five Years Of Bootcamp

After 5 years on the Bay it’s also time for us to reflect on what we have achieved over the past 5 years. We are very proud of the community we have built – a bunch of incredible people that are aiming to better themselves constantly. It’s the people that make our bootcamp the special place that it is and again we thank you for your continued support.

We still have plenty of plans as we evolve and continue to grow and look forward to helping many other along the way!