The past months has seen a whole host of things going on at Llanelli Beach Bootcamp. The tail end of May saw a record number take part in the “back to the trenches” mud run. This was our third time taking part in this event and it’s safe to say it gets tougher every time. It’s a day out that never fails to deliver and the pictures that were taken on the day always capture the moment perfectly. Thanks to Jason for taking time out and snapping so many of our boot campers in the thick of the action.

60 Day Challenge

The following weekend saw the start of our latest 60 day day challenge. Big numbers signed up yet again looking to give it their all over the coming 9 weeks. Just 2 weeks in and we’ve had a strong start that hopefully will continue right the way through to the end of the challenge. There is nothing better than seeing a new group of people coming together, sharing ideas and working together as a group to achieve the same thing!

Well Done Claire

Claire Millard, one of the success stories of 60 day challenge 4 deserves a special mention! Since joining us back in January she has lost over 5 stone. A remarkable achievement by this inspirational lady. She has worked so hard and we are so proud of what she has achieved. The 60 day challenge was the start for Claire but she has taken onboard all the good habits and continued to work hard and stick to the programme. Well done Claire.

Race For Life

Claire was also one of the many bootcampers that took part in the Race For Life this weekend. It’s great to see so many of our members taking part in this event and raising money for various good causes.

Join Us!!

Numbers have been pretty big in sprints on Wednesdays so bring sandy trainers as well as running trainers. We may have to take to the beach as the slipway is getting rather overcrowded especially on sunny nights when there are lots of cyclists around!


If you would like to take part in our Wednesday sprint session, or any other Friday or Sunday session then get in touch.