January saw a bunch of newcomers take part in our first 60 day challenge of the year. The post Christmas period is a time that many begin their New Year’s resolution and then, normally, a few weeks in, is where their resolutions come to an end. But this wasn’t the case for our challengers.

Weather wise we probably encountered our stormiest challenge to date with week after week of constant wind and rain. But credit to our guys as they still showed up and still put the work in. Even when it would have been easier to draw the curtains on cold, rainy, blustery Sunday morning they found a way to make it to the beach to work out….NO EXCUSES!

When you get a bunch of people that simply overcome these obstacles then you know your going to get good results and boy did we get some good results!!

The Results

In the fitness test Trystan Smith took 1st place with 167 reps. He was followed by Nicola Evans in 2nd with 140 Reps just ahead of Grace Bowen and Nerys Jones who were joint 3rd with 120 reps. The fastest times on the 400m run were Nicola 1.37, Nerys 1.39 and Trystan 1.40. This meant that most improved overall challenger was Trystan and he won a free month in the process!

The weight/fat loss category was a closer run affair. Overall the best weight loss was Nicola (11kg) and Trystan (11kg). Nicola won this section overall with a slightly higher fat loss. Alyson came in 3rd place (8kg). Not only do these guys look amazing they are now performing incredibly and it’s a testimony to their hard work over the previous 60 days.

However Nicola and Alyson didn’t just stop at 60 days. They’ve both continued to work hard during the lockdown period and both have recored a weight loss of 2.5 stones each! The pictures shown in this post show their changes from the start of the challenge, the end of the challenge and today!

Lockdown Bootcamp

No sooner had our 60 Day Challenge ended then the country was locked down. This meant that for the first time since we started way back in August 2013 there were no bootcamp classes on Machynys Bay. As disappointed as we were that our members couldn’t enjoy sunshine sessions on the sand after braving the winter months we found a solution to keep our clients motivated. Our “on-line” community was born.

Each member who signed up for the Lockdown Bootcamp was issued a sandbag. Some were really heavy. We provide 5 workouts every week, each one different and a thriving online group chat to help keep everyone motivated. We’ve been blown away with the effort of everyone. The lockdown period has been difficult for everyone but keeping people focused and on track is something we are really proud of. Huge well done to everyone involved.

If you’d like to join us online with our bootcamp or get your name down for the next 60 Day Challenge – which will launch as soon as we are back on the sands of Machynys Bay – then please contact us via Facebook, Instagram or the website.