The first Sunday of March saw the nearing of the end of the 60 day challenge. This meant an early 8-30 start for the dreaded fitness test. The challengers had nothing to fear as they pushed themselves to the limits to show how much they had progressed over the past 2 months.

Some of the biggest highlights were:

Most reps for the bodyweight moves – male: Mark Davies – 208reps
Most reps for the bodyweight moves – female: Kath Jones – 159 reps
Fastest 400m – male: Rob Jones – 1.08 (bootcamp record)
Fastest 400m – female: Kath Kones – 1.32
Biggest rep increase for body weight exercises: Kath Jones – 52 reps Claire Millard – 51 reps
Biggest run increases: Kay Bowen – 46 seconds, Crystal Brown – 34 seconds

Rob Jones also managed to knock 20 seconds off his initial fast 400m to get his incredible time.

These were just the pick of some really incredible scores and the most pleasing thing for us was to see that every single challenger improved in every area! After the test it was down to business with a tasty session that involved a whole lot of burpees, rock squats and some heavy kettlebells with the 28kg and 32kg making their first appearance on the sand.


Celebrating St David’s

St David’s day meant that we finished off the session in true bootcamp style with a 200m leek relay. A fun end to a fine morning.

This week sees the challenges weigh in and get their end results. Exciting times that were sure will bring some amazing results. Details are just being finalised for our next 60 day challenge starting mid March. If you would like to take part in this or any of our sessions just get in touch.