As we approach summer we can look back and reflect on the first 3 months 2019. January is always a busy period for us at Llanelli Beach Bootcamp. Christmas has left many feeling overweight and lethargic and our winter 60 challenge has always been a great way to get “on track” following the festive overindulgence! Our latest group quickly got stuck into things: a fresh fitness test to start followed by 9 weeks of challenging sessions in all sorts of conditions.

The best thing about the winter challenge is learning that training is possible in any weather! It helps to build mental strength. If you can train in the cold, wet, dark and wind then you learn to savour and appreciate the nice days even more! The end of the challenge tends to coincide with the start of the Six Nations and another test of the mental resolve – learning to enjoy whilst remaining disciplined!

Challenge Winners

Credit to our latest group they gave it everything and were rewarded with some pretty amazing results! The Challenge winner was Linda wining both prizes with a 9kg weight loss (6.9% body fat). Linda was ahead of Bek who had an 8kg loss and Sara who lost 5kg over the 9 weeks.

Linda also won the fitness test knocking 36 seconds off her initial 400m run. Other highlights included speedy 400m runs from Lauren (1.28) and Kayleigh (1.30)! Well done to everyone who took part in the Challenge.

INVNCBL & Summer 60 Day Challenge

Now that the challenge is over our guys are on the lookout for something new to give them focus. Therefore once again we will be heading back to Pembrey on July 20th for INVNCBL 10k obstacle race. This event has always proved popular and we all ready have a team of 30 prepared to give this their all!

If you would like to join us for INVNCBL or any of our sessions then get in touch! Our Summer 60 day Challenge starts on May 26th 2019 and we are all ready taking names for this. To sign up for the next challenge or to find out more contact us on Facebook.