How many people start off the new year saying “new year, new me” only to see their resolutions fall apart before January is over? Luckily a large group of people decided to take part in our 8th “60 day challenge” and for this amazing group, failure just wasn’t an option.


Twenty “newbies” started out on a frosty January Saturday morning for their initial fitness test, not knowing quite what they had let themselves in for. Fast forward 60 days and what they have achieved is nothing short of remarkable. They had to take on 4 different storms (Gertrude, Henry, Imogen and Jake) but credit to them they still they showed up, showed the same enthusiasm and as each session passed the bond of the group grew stronger!

Fitness Gains

The final fitness test on a calm sunny Sunday morning saw some huge fitness gains. The highlights of these are as follows.

Biggest Fitness Gains: Gemma Edwards (prize – free month of bootcamp)
Fastest 400m beach Run: Daniel Nicholas – 1.16 & Adele Brogna – 1.28

Chris Cotterell and Rhian Jones both knocked an incredible 50 seconds off their initial run times!!!


Impressive Results

On weigh in day it was great to see that the hard work had been backed up in the kitchen and heralded some equally impress results. Between the group they shifted an amazing 74kg.

Biggest Weight Loss: Alex Harris 11.2kg weight loss and 9.9% body fat reduction (prize – free month of bootcamp)

Other highlights were as follows Kay Protheroe-John with an 8.1kg loss, Daniel Nicholson with an 8.5kg loss, Jemma Humphries who recorded a 9.2kg loss and Mandy Jones with a 7.5% body fat reduction.

This was just a pick of another amazing bunch of people that stuck together, made the challenge what it is, a fun, memorable experience.


Marathon Runners

Last weekend also saw 5 of our girls Natalie, Ruth, Jemma, Emma and Adele take part in the half marathon. No one was prouder than us as we watched them go past base camp on Sunday morning, knowing that the hard work that they had put in over the past few weeks was paying off.

Join Us For The Next 60 Day Challenge

As we approach the summer we look forward to helping plenty of others achieve their goals. We are now taking names for our next “60 Day Challenge” staring April 3rd and running up until June 1st. Setting goals is one thing, but it takes hard work and commitment to achieve them.

So if your looking for that kick up the backside that you need, some structure to your training, or your bored of your current training regime then make that choice to get involved with some like minded people at Llanelli beach bootcamp, because life really is better with sandy toes!