With our New Year 60 Day Challenge just around the corner you might be wondering whether they work. Naturally we say yes they do. But don’t take our word for it. Check out our success stories. The latest to join them is Lisa Jones. Lisa returned to Bootcamp at the start of 2019 to get her fitness goals back on track. Here is Lisa’s story!

Lisa’s Story

So where do I start, I did a challenge back in 2015 before my wedding. I felt great and looked great. It was just what I wanted and needed before I got married in July 2015!! Back then I suffered very high blood pressure and was on a large amount of medication for a 33 year old which is not good at such a young age. As a result of training my blood pressure reduced which meant less medication. Result! Once the challenge had ended and after the wedding, the weight slowly started creeping back on. This meant my blood pressure started rising again. I put more weight on more than ever before.

This year (2019) meant I was back on a very large amount of medication for my blood pressure. I was unfit and felt so miserable and very uncomfortable in my body. So it was back to Llanelli Beach Bootcamp as I know if you stick to it and enjoy it, you will reap the benefits. So guys 6 months on it’s not just for an event but it’s a lifestyle change. My blood pressure is back to normal and I’m feeling healthier, fitter and stronger. This time I dont want it for a quick fix I want it for my health and to see my children grow old.


I would so recommend Becky and Llanelli Beach Bootcamp. Not only will she push you but make sure that it’s all done in the right way. It will hurt at first but the saying ‘no pain no gain’ is so true. My second challenge was during summer and I struggled to run 100 meters. At the end of my 60 day challenge I completed a 10k Invncbl challenge. That’s something I never ever did I think was possible!

Lunge Walk

Then in November I completed a charity event with Bootcamp – the lunge walk mile! Those were 2 massive highs for me as I have never completed events like this but without Becky I wouldn’t have done it. It’s also about the people you train with and they are like a family you have never had. They are the best. If you’re considering joining then don;t hesitate do it. We have all been where you are but we all have to start some where. Just do it, we welcome you with open arms….. life is better with sandy toes!