Llanelli Beach Bootcamp were forced off the beach for the first time in a year due to the positioning of the moon, sun and our own planet earth. The close proximity of the moon meant we were treated to some freakishly high tides.

These high tides in turn clashed with our class times and meant that last Friday we had no beach – but we still had a class. Luckily the gods were kinder on Sunday and left us with a slither of beach from which our bootcamp team could workout from!

Are You Ready For A Challenge?

Our latest 60 day challenge is approaching its conclusion. Were into the final ten days and were expecting a strong finish from this determined bunch!

We will be starting our second challenge of 2015 March/April so stay tuned for a confirmation start date as its an education in eating and training that will get you in the best condition just in time for summer.

So it’s a big week for our challengers, starting with sprints on wednesday. If you want to get involved in this or any of our other sessions on Fridays or Sunday’s just get in touch.