One of the best strategies for remaining dedicated to your fitness goals is being held accountable for your actions. Accountability means taking responsibility for the foods that you eat, how much you exercise, and how far you have progressed towards your fitness goals. If you struggle to hold yourself accountable then our 60 Day Challenge could be the thing for you. And if you need proof that it works – if you put the effort in – then you need to look no further than the achievements of bootcamp member Nicola Evans.

Discipline & Determination

Nicola started out on our 60 day challenge back in January 2020 and despite all the problems presented thanks to lockdowns she continued to work hard towards her fitness goals. Her meal choices may have been a source of lots of laughs (who eats 1.5 sausages anyway?) but once she set her mind on her targets there was no going back. She stayed with us after the initial 60 days by becoming an online member and getting involved with the home workouts and zoom sessions. Her discipline and determination generated an incredible 2.5 stone weight loss to July 2020. The before/after images speak for themselves. Since then Nic, who won “Most Dedicated Bootcamp Member” in 2021, has continued to be a regular at bootcamp and sprints. She is constantly pushing herself – and others – to be fitter, faster and stronger. Nic is an inspiration to all and we can’t praise her enough for what she has achieved.

Nicola Evans - Llanelli Beachbootcamp

My Fitness Improved Massively

But what does Nicola have to say about her bootcamp experience so far? “Joining Llanelli Beach Bootcamp in January 2020 turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made. At the time, I was unhappy with my weight and my fitness was at an all time low. The 60 day challenge was the kick start that I needed, and couldn’t have come at a better time – just before we entered lockdown. The support from day 1 has been amazing, and the continued encouragement from Becky and the members motivated me to continue the hard work, even for the zoom sessions. Two years on and I can’t imagine not being a part of this group; not only has my fitness improved massively but every session is guaranteed to bring some laughs too”.

Nicola Christmas Party