60 Day Challenge Results

At Llanelli Beach Bootcamp we’ve helped loads of people achieve and beat their fitness goals. Below are the results of our many 60 Day Challenges plus images showing just some of the challengers! These show them before starting the challenge and again after completing the challenge. Do take a look at our testimonials too.

New Year 2018
Biggest Weight Loss: Rhodri Humphreys (22kg)
Best Fitness Gains: Rhys Collins
Fastest Run – Mathew Thomas 1.14, Lee Rowlands 1.18, Ben Morris 1.20

Autumn 2017
Overall weight loss and challenge winner: Mathew Thomas – 17kg
Overall most improved and challenge winner: Gaynor
Biggest weight loss (female): Heather – 9kg
Highest body fat reduction: Clare – 5.1%, Ember – 5.8%
Fastest 400m run: Mathew – 1.15, Ember – 1.32
Most reps: Mathew – 159, Carly – 146

Summer 2017
Biggest Weight Loss: Sian
Best Fitness Gains: Rhian

New Year 2017
Biggest Weight Loss: Sarah (10kg)
Best Fitness Gains: Rachel Davies

Summer/Autumn 2016
Biggest Weight Loss: Naomi Evans (13.9kg)
Best Fitness Gains: Andrea Griffiths
Fastest 400m: Jason 1.44 and Kayleigh 1.47

Spring 2016
Biggest Weight Loss: Mark Evans (Over 3stone)
Best Fitness Gains: Mark Evans

Autumn 2015
Biggest Weight Loss: Chris Cropper (12.2kg)
Best fitness gains: Chris Cropper (98 points)
Biggest body fat reduction male: Jim Small 7.5%
Biggest body fat reduction female: Lisa Folkes 6.2%
Fastest 400m male: Paul Warren 1.19
Fastest 400m female: Adele Brogna 1.29
Most reps male: Craig Hughes 174
Most reps female: Sarah burton 144
Biggest rep gain: Chris Cropper 89 reps
Biggest run gain: Delyn Davies 47 sec
Best attendance: Adele Brogna

Summer 2015
Biggest Weight Loss: Ricky Wellswho (11.2kg)
Best Fitness Gains: Claire Knill

Spring/Summer 2015
Biggest Weight Loss: Cassie Tucker (13.9kg)
Best Fitness Gains: Ceriann Howells
Fastest 400m: Celyn 1.33, Kayleigh 1.35 and Lisa May 1.42

New Year 2015
Biggest Weight Loss: Claire Millard (3.1 stone)
Most reps for the bodyweight moves – male: Mark Davies – 208reps
Most reps for the bodyweight moves – female: Kath Jones – 159 reps
Fastest 400m – male: Rob Jones – 1.08 (bootcamp record)
Fastest 400m – female: Kath Kones – 1.32
Biggest rep increase for body weight exercises: Kath Jones – 52 reps Claire Millard – 51 reps
Biggest run increases: Kay Bowen – 46 seconds, Crystal Brown – 34 seconds

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