Dry but cold conditions welcomed our bootcampers for the first session of February. Luckily there was enough going on to keep everyone’s mind off the weather as everyone got stuck into what was put in front of them. Tyres, battle ropes, sand bags, logs and rocks lay in wait on the bay. Nice to see more new faces, we’re getting a steady trickle each session as numbers continue to grow.

Our 60 day challengers have reached the half way point of the challenge. Great to see everyone still hitting it hard, sticking to the programme and as well giving everything in sessions but the most pleasing thing to see is the changes being made in the kitchen! Some of the meals being cooked and the imagination and creativity being shown really is inspiring.

Who says eating healthy has to be boring?!

If you want try out our bootcamp and want to get involved in our ever growing fitness community, drop us a message and try out any of our Sunday, Wednesday or Friday sessions.