Last Wednesday saw the conclusion of our final 60 Day Challenge of 2016. This was our 3rd challenge this year and our 10th in total. We’ve been very fortunate yet again this year with some amazing people taking part in our challenges. Although each challenge brings together so many different personalities the end result is nearly always the same.


When you throw a bunch of people together that are chasing the same goal it really is amazing what can be achieved as a group. This group was no exception and the end results were testimony to the hard work, effort and commitment that was put in throughout the 60 days.


Lots of people impressed again on the challenge but the pick of the bunch was Naomi who followed in her Dad’s footsteps and picked up both prizes of biggest weight loss (12kg) and most improved fitness. In the final fitness test, Naomi knocked 63 seconds off her initial 400m run.


Other highlights were Jason (1.44) and Kayleigh (1.47) who were fastest on the final beach runs. The most reps during the final fitness test was Andrea with 174. She pipped Deb, who scored 173, into second place by just one rep!

The biggest body fat reduction went to Carly with a very impressive 7.9% body fat reduction. Special mentions also for Deb who scored a 100% attendance throughout the challenge. Carol, Deb and Andrea were also consistently logging workouts on an almost daily basis.


Congratulations to everyone who completed the challenge and a big well done to Naomi! There’s two free months of bootcamp coming her way for her efforts and we look forward to seeing how she progresses over the next few weeks.

The next 60 day challenge will be in January 2017…so for any information on this life changing experience get in touch.

In the mean time we will still be holding bootcamp sessions every Friday and Sunday plus our weekly sprints session every Wednesday.