Llanelli Beach Bootcamp ……. What can I say!? Everybody has a different story, a reason to start anything and mine was fitness! I wanted to tone up and increase my fitness.

I heard about a new Bootcamp starting out on the beach and thought I’d give it a whirl! 12 months later I’ve run a half marathon and my fitness levels have never been higher. I’ve never felt or looked better!

I’ve always played sport and gone to the gym but I’ve never seen results as I saw when I did the famous 60 day challenge early this year. It really it’s a lifestyle change facilitated by Becky and Gareth. They are unbelievably patient and their encouragement is second to none. When you have a bad day they are a text away day or night!

I can’t recommend Llanelli Beach Bootcamp enough. It’s a family that I’m very proud to be a member of!

Roll on 2015 !!!