The start of each year is always an exciting time for us. A time where we get lots of new faces starting out down the bay, a time where people are more focused following the festivities and there is no better combination than a group of determined focused people intent on making positive changes to their lives!

The January 60 Day Challenge delivered once again. The first few weeks are always a test, everything is difficult, it’s cold, it’s wet, your body aches and you miss junk food but as we plough through the weeks people begin to notice and feel change.

The bond within the group grows and people begin to bring the best out of each other. We had our biggest intake of males to date and the competitiveness amongst them helped bring us some of our best ever results.

New Year 60 Day Challenge Results

The challenge winners were Rhodri with a remarkable 22kg weight loss and Rhys who’s fitness improved the most along with a weight loss of 8kg!

Weight Loss

1st Place – Rhodri Humphreys 22kg
Joint Second – Lee Rowlands & Rhys Collins 8kg
Females – Jessica Rogers 7kg & Joanna Jones 6kg

Biggest Body Fat Reduction

Rhodri 6.2%
Kay Bowen 4.3%
Clare Thomas 3.8%

Fitness Test

Most Improved Overall – Rhys Collins 65pts
Runner up – Sian Amanda 64pts

Fastest Run – Mathew Thomas 1.14, Lee Rowlands 1.18, Ben Morris 1.20

Females – Elin 1.42, Kay 1.47, Claire Larkin 1.48

Huge well done to these guys, especially Rhodri who’s had plenty of health issues the past two years so even taking part in the challenge was an achievement in itself!

Now that the challenge is over its time to stay focused and keep up the good work. We will be hitting Beach Warriors in May. This is a 5 mile obstacle course on the beach in Pembrey. As Beach Bootcamp it’s important that we go there and show that as guys that train on the sand, week in week out, we really are good at it!