Back in January 2013, I weighed in at a whopping 21 ½ stone! My eldest son was 8 months at the time and to be honest I was struggling to keep up with him, and with another due in May, I knew I had to do something. So I set out on my own to lose weight, which was great, as I managed to lose 4 stone over the next 8 months and ended up running and finishing a 10k race.

But as I did it all on my own, I so easily fell off the wagon and the pounds soon piled back on! Fast forward to April 2014 and I’m back up to 19 stone 6 lbs. The wife and I had heard about a bootcamp that was done on the beach by our house, but we always let the fear of the unknown put us off, but then we heard they were doing a 60 day challenge of weight loss. With our boys approaching 2 and 1, we certainly had our hands full and our lack of fitness was really starting to show! So we threw caution to the wind and signed up. This was the best decision we have ever made!

Not only did it result in me losing 3 stone on that 60 day challenge, and an additional 13 lbs on the 30 day extension, it has also changed the way we live our lives, our diets have been completely transformed, and feel so much better for it too! Now it’s the boys who tire out first rather than me!

It has also resulted in us joining a great community where there are no egos and everybody is working towards the same goal. Becky and Gareth (as well as all the regulars) made us feel so welcome from the get go, something which you don’t tend to get in your traditional gyms. With their constant support not only has the weight stayed off, but it has also allowed me to take my fitness to the next step.

I wouldn’t really consider Becky as someone who just shouts and demands more from me on the sand and hates giving rest breaks, but as a friend, and that’s what Llanelli Beach Bootcamp is all about at the end of the day, friends helping friends to achieve the same goal in life, to be fit and enjoy doing so, and this is what has kept us coming back since that first bootcamp we attended at the start of April!

Life is indeed better with sandy toes!