Our 18th 60 Day Challenge about to begin in October 2019 but you may be wondering if they really work? The best people to answer that are bootcampers who have been previous challenges. Linda is our latest success story. She started with Llanelli Beach Bootcamp in January and has embraced it wholeheartedly. Over the year she’s lost 14kg and gone from a size 16 to size 10. Here is her bootcamp success story.

I can’t recommend the 60 Day Challenge enough! I started out in January 2019 overweight and feeling very unhealthy. I had tried all the quick fixes which never work. I was nervous at first joining the group but quickly realised everyone else had their own goals. Becky was so supportive as was everyone else in Llanelli Beach Bootcamp that I actually looked forward to going 3 times a week.

At 51, I heard all the negative things like you have to accept like your body shape and putting on weight as what happens at your age. However, after the 60 Day Challenge I had lost 9kg and 7% of my body fat. I also won the challenge for most improved fitness. I have carried on going to bootcamp all this year and have gone on to lose another 5kg.


The jeans in the pictures above are from when I was 32…yes I am a saddo and kept them.. but they now fit me again!!!

They fit me because I have gone from a size 16 to a size 10 which was my goal. My fitness has improved and I have confidence to try anything new now. I took part in Invncbl at Pembrey and recently did my first Llanelli Park Run. This is all down to Becky on advising me on my eating habits and pushing me with my fitness. I can’t recommend this challenge enough if you want to see real changes.