Summer is now officially over but the training doesn’t stop just because it’s wetter, colder and darker! After a hectic few months at LLanelli Beach Bootcamp it’s time, once again, to turn our attention to another of our 60 Day Challenges. The 2019 Autumn 60 Day Challenge runs from the 6th October to 6th December 2019. It is incredibly popular and spaces go fast. This will be the last one of 2019 so don’t miss out.

What’s On Offer

  • Initial private consultation
  • 9 x Sunday morning bootcamps (9am)
  • 9 x Wednesday “sprint sessions”. (5.45pm)
  • 9 x Friday evening bootcamps (6pm)
  • 1 x home workout per week
  • Fitness test, start (Saturday 5th October 8am) and finish (Sunday 6th October 8.30am)
  • Commit to giving up junk food and alcohol, you will be given a Nutrition guide and a list of do and don’t foods
  • Weighed, measured and body fat% calculations (before and after)
  • Before and after photo
  • Unrivaled day to day online support
  • Prizes for biggest weight loss and fitness improvement

Fantastic Results

As ever, our aim is to keep the price as low as possible so the price for the 60 days is £150. For anyone that has taken part in any of our previous challenges then the price is £120.

Whenever we run the 60 Day Challenge we always seee fantastic results. If you stick to the programme it works!!! It really is that simple! This is not crash dieting, we don’t count points, there are no gimmicks, shakes or magic potions!!

Don’t take our word for it! These are just some of the comments from members of Llanelli Beach Bootcamp: “best trainers and bunch of people to train with, ever” (Ember), “the best thing Ive done, give it a go” (Cerys), “You will become leaner, fitter and the bootcamp team are the nicest loveliest people” (Sara) and “it has given me a new lease of life with more energy and gone down 3 dress sizes” (Linda).

Make Your New Year’s Resolution Now

What we provide is an education on how to eat properly and change your lifestyle. This is an opportunity to change the way you live your lives for EVER.

If your serious about wanting to get fit, improve your confidence, become a part of fitness community, get into shape, look good and are interested in signing up then get in touch!!!

Don’t wait until the start of 2020 to get fitter and healthier. Sign up for the Llanelli Beach Bootcamp 60 Day Challenge. Places are limited so make sure you’re get in touch today. Contact us below or via Facebook to find out more.

Find Out More

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