Our 60 Day Challenge is not easy but if you are prepared to work hard then you do get results. In 2021 Sally Ann kicked off her bootcamp journey with 1-2-1 sessions with Becky on Machynys Bay. Pulling tyres along the sand in the cold windy weather was an early indicator of just how hard she was prepared to work to achieve her goals. By the end of July 2021 Sal had completed a 60 Day Challenge and achieved amazing results: a massive 11.3kg weight loss plus an excellent 23 seconds off her 400m run time. As you can guess she did win that particular challenge. No one worked harder and she gave everything at every session. She never moaned, never complained and never made excuses.

Dedication & Focus

After such an amazing result it’s safe to say that some would rest upon their laurels. But not Sal! Since the end of that particular 60 Day Challenge she has become a bootcamp regular – turning up at every session come rain or shine – as well as undertaking other fitness activities including our new Quad Squad and Monday Bootcamp. The results of Sal’s hard work over the last year or so can be seen in the photos above. It clearly shows that hard work, dedication and a focus on goals means you can achieve amazing results. Everyone at Bootcamp is proud of her – but what has Sal, our bootcamper of the year 2021, got to say about all this and her bootcamp experience?

Sally Ann Squats

1989 Jeans

“This has been a journey over a year which has exceeded all my expectations in terms of my improved fitness and weight loss. Both of which have positively impacted my physical and mental health. Undertaking this in a group setting has been a revelation to me as the non judgemental support has been hugely motivational as well as being a lot of laughs and fun. Prior to this I never thought that I could run but it turns out that I can now complete a 5K run with confidence. In addition an unexpected result was to be able to fit back into my 1989 jeans. I have learnt what works for me and I intend to continue to improve my fitness with this knowledge and discipline into the future”.

Sally Tyres

We can’t wait to see how Sal progresses with bootcamp and her fitness journey. Her results are an inspiration and she’s also very encouraging to everyone in the group too. We love having her with us. If you’d like to join us for our bootcamp sessions, sprints or even our next 60 Day Challenge then get in touch.