The past week has seen the Llanelli Beach Bootcamp community grow with the start of 60 Day Challenge 5. Just over a dozen newcomers have decided to embark on a journey that has served so many people well over the past 15 months. These guys have been exposed to a different way of thinking when it comes to nutrition and will be subjected to an intense fitness programme over the next 9 weeks.

Early signs are good, with the group taking on board all the information and showing lots of imagination at home in the kitchen and putting the effort in during sessions. They have also been lucky weather wise, especially when you compare it to 60 day Challenge 4 when it rained solid for the first 4 weeks.

If this group continue as they are over the next 60 days we will be seeing some good results once again come May. We now have people that have been on all our 4 previous challenges at bootcamp along with the newcomers and the support that these guys give each other really is something else and it something that we feel blessed to be a part of and long may it continue.

It’s not just on the beach where we have seen success stories with numerous PT clients and members achieving some big PBs during their sessions. Rebecca Rowlands hitting a 60kg 1rm back squat, Liam Netterfield also getting a 1rm back squat at 117kg & Clair Millard took 6 mins off the 3 mile run time. Also a special mention to Stacey Netterfield who continues to train well through her pregnancy.

We are going to be taking names very soon for the “Back To The Trenches” muddy assault course in Carmarthen on May 17th. Start thinking if your going to hit the 6k or 12k course. This will be the third time we have entered this event. This is a tough but fun event that is always well supported by our bootcamp and it would be great to take a huge team there once again. We will have a social gathering after the event where we can all re-fuel and share stories from the day!

If your interested in joining us or want to get involved in any of our sessions just get in touch.