We have had yet another amazing few weeks at Llanelli Beach Bootcamp – our 60 day challengers have passed the half way mark in their quest to better themselves and they are proving to be one of the tightest groups we’ve had since we started running the challenges over a year ago.

Together they are achieving some pretty awesome things – we strive on building a strong community and this lot are no exception, meeting up on a regular basis, working out together and pushing each other all the way. It’s early days but we can tell all ready that this lot won’t be disappointed come day 60!

It’s not just on the 60 Day Challenge where the hard work is being carried out, our members are pushing each other in every session, the guys that came off the last challenge are carrying on where they left off, getting fitter stronger and continuing with the good work at home in the kitchen, sharing meal ideas, inspiring and helping each other.

The same team spirit is going to be required on May 17th when we head down west for the Back to the Trenches mud run in Carmarthen. This is a tough event and over 30 of our bootcamp team will be giving it their all to get through this tough course! Note that we will be in the 10am wave!! This event will be followed by a long awaited bootcamp social (venue and time to be confirmed)

We have been so fortunate with the weather for our sessions the past few weeks and it goes to prove one thing that we really are blessed with the surroundings on our doorstep and when the sun is shining there is simply no better place to train.

If you would like to join in on any of our sessions or get involved in the mud run then get in touch.