The best way to learn about Llanelli Beach Bootcamp is by talking to our members. Here are just some of their reviews of Llanelli Beach Bootcamp. For more reviews please visit our Facebook page plus take a look at our results page. It shows just how successful our bootcampers have been!

Just completed the 60 day challenge and what an amazing experience it has been. It took me completely out of my comfort zone but have loved every aspect of it. Becky and Gareth are just fantastic at what they do, no session is the same. I highly recommend!!!

Charlotte Rickwood

Highly recommend this for anyone looking to get fitter, stronger, healthier. Best decision i’ve made was joining. Always a welcoming friendly atmosphere.

Mathew Thomas

Just completed 60 Day Challenge #10. First physical challenge I’ve ever undertaken – it was tough but great for achieving results. Becky and Gareth have been brilliant with their help and support. The friendly nature of the sessions and encouragement of members makes it easy to enjoy – even when it’s wet. Totally recommended!!

Jason Dale

There’s no reason not to join the Llanelli Beach Bootcamp family. They’re the most supportive, encouraging trainers and Bootcampers. My strength and stamina have definitely improved along with seeing visible results in terms of my muscle tone. I never thought I would be able to dead lift a tractor tyre!! Although they make you work hard, which is what it’s all about, Becky and Gareth and indeed my fellow Bootcampers make it so much fun. I used to hate sand but thanks to Llanelli Beach Bootcamp I love it now!!! Come along for hard work and lots of laughs, you won’t regret it.

Jody Angharad Pritchard

Just completed the 60 day challenge. What an absolutely amazing experience. Didn’t have any idea what was involved, one of the best things I’ve ever decided to do. No session is the same, you never know what to expect. Becky is so passionate about what she does, never known a trainer to be so supportive she really does push you in order to get the results you want. I’ve never been able to do a sit up until boot camp. There is a genuine team spirit amongst the other boot campers. Give it a go, you will not regret it.

Carole Evans

I did the 60 day challenge with these guys in august and i have not looked back since… i have so much more confidence in myself ive lost 2 stone along the way…feel like a different person and the bunch at bootcamp are fab and we are like a big family!!!i love it and will continue to keep going

Natalie George

Did the 60 day challenge mainly to support the girlfriend. I was quite sceptical of the whole bootcamp challenge thing, and wasn’t expecting to get much out of it, because I’ve been training for years. But oh boy, was i wrong!! Big drop in body fat and huge gains in fitness. Even if you know all the principles, the bootcamp set up gives great support and advice. Really makes you determined to succeed and pushes you to stick to it. I recommend it to anybody who is serious about getting fit and healthier, and ready to put the hard work in. Bootcamp doesn’t do it for you,but will give you all the tools you need to do it. Go for it!

Gareth Liley

January 2014 I started my journey with Llanelli Beach Bootcamp as I found myself stuck in rut with my gym routine and eating habits!!! After just 2 wks I felt healthier and eating habits were far better!!! The support with Bootcamp is amazing any problems u have food wise or workout wise are answered and found myself on the right track at LAST!!! IT’S NOT A DIET but healthy choices which benefit your workouts and I can’t imagine doing it any other way!!! To anyone who wants to get fit and healthy Llanelli Beach Bootcamp is definitely the way forward…I lov my results and I will continue into 2015 BRING IT ON!!!

Tracey Ann Williams

Llanelli Beach Bootcamp are a wonderfully supportive group of individuals that bring exercise, friendship, and community to this beautiful part of Wales. I can honestly say I have never had so much fun exercising in the driving rain, howling wind, and occasional glorious sunshine. The people I have met while coming to bootcamp are not only great workout buddies, but many have also become close friends. I highly recommend the many ‘challenges’ that are carried out throughout the year. As someone who was very sceptical about these things, I was amazed that they were able to change my lifelong bad eating habits, take minutes off my 5k running time, and I lost weight in the process! As the saying goes ‘surround yourself with those on the same mission as yourself’ and these people certainly are. Thank you Becky and Gareth!

Paula Burgess

At 44 yrs of age I am the fittest I’ve ever been in my life and I feel good! Thanks to the guys at Llaneli Beach Bootcamp,it really is the only place to be if your serious about looking for results in fitness,improvements in confidence,and advice and support on how you can reach the goals you’ve always wanted,through correct nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices that have been developed by skilled qualified instructors who truly care about their clients in a family friendly environment, then this is the place to be! Success is shared and respect is earned through dedication and commitment that is ingrained in an established hardworking Bootcamp that truly looks after you, look no further as you simply cannot get better than the team at Llanelli Beach Bootcamp! Trust me I’ve tried them all! These guys changed my whole outlook on how to get fit and stay fit! Let them change yours, you will not be disappointed.

Myke Ruggles

My daughter was 2, I’d moved away from home due to my husbands work, I wasn’t working myself and although I would take my daughter to playgroups I was isolated. My husband was often away for long periods of time working. What do we do when we are isolated, turn to comfort eating. I piled on weight to a size 20. It wasn’t just the dress size that bothered me. I was lethargic, depressed & had physical issues such as dizziness. I moved Wales to be nearer my parents for support, got a job & & in December saw an ad for Llanelli beach Bootcamp. I took the plunge. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s social & supportive. Ego’s are not welcome on the sand. I am now in a size 12, eating a lot healthier, have discovered I was intolerant to certain foods. My back pain disappeared within a few days of starting the program! I took part in a mud run, something I secretly always wanted to do but would never of had the confidence to do. I have become a bit lazy in these last few months, but the difference now is I know what I need to do & I will be signing up to the new challenge. I have discovered I am dedicated but not self driven & this is where Bootcamp comes in. If you feel intimidated by the beautiful people in the gym but want to get fit , healthy & make friends, what are you waiting for? Get yourself down Bootcamp!

Rhian Bond

Since joining Llanelli Beach Bootcamp in August I’ve lost 10kg and 10% body fat. The 60 day challenge helped change the way I think about food, I found my love for exercise again and have made some amazing friends. The support from Becky and Gar is amazing and I found this has helped so much in me achieving and maintaining my goals. If anyone is thinking of losing weight or getting fit I would highly recommend the 60 day challenge, as long as you are committed you will definitely see results. Can’t thank Becky and Gar enough and as their saying goes life is better with sandy toes

Stacey Netterfield


Ann Griffiths
“The philosophy the bootcamp classes create a community of people to support you whilst you train whatever your level and goals. They help maintain overall fitness and with this comes a feeling of general well-being. This is probably the most rewarding part in addition to the team spirit that goes on between peers. The classes are good value also. I completed the 28 day grinch plan and this made me address my eating habits and plan my meals better. I felt better after completing the grinch and I adopt the general philosophy into my day to day routine as it suits my needs and appetite.”
Debbie Jones
“Joining Llanelli Bootcamp was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The support and encouragement you receive is phenomenal and you are made to feel so welcome whatever your size or fitness level, there is no judgement. I felt very shy and nervous joining as was so unused to exercise, I can’t thank Llanelli Bootcamp enough, I’m feeling fitter and more confident and look forward to more improvements in the new year. It’s hard work but so worth it, plus I’ve made a whole new set of friends who are also a great source of support. If you’re thinking about getting fitter and feeling better about yourself, my advice would be to join Llanelli Bootcamp… just do it, you won’t regret it.”
Li Davies
“Llanelli Beach Bootcamp, are truly inspirational in offering support and motivation to improve your fitness. They offer a non judgmental approach and always are approachable and full of encouragement regardless of your fitness ability. I can’t wait to start back training in the New Year!!! Great people who encourage one another. No two session’s are the same. You’ll never want to train indoors again!!!”