Llanelli Beach Bootcamp Membership

Becoming a member of Llanelli Beach Bootcamp offers the best value! Membership still costs just £30 a month and this includes all our weekly bootcamp classes (Wednesday Sprints, Friday Bootcamp and Sunday Bootcamp), one weekly home workout, members message thread, online support and nutrition advice.

Payment is due at the start of every month and the cost covers the start to the end of the month.

Pay As You Go

If you prefer to pay on a per session basis then the pay as you go price is currently £5 per session.

It’s well worth considering the monthly fee because as there’s usually 12 bootcamp sessions per month then you are getting £60 of sessions per month by signing up for the Membership package.

As well as the above we offer plenty of support to our members. We can also offer you advice if you’re undertaking a challenge such as a 10K run, half marathon or even a marathon – as many of other members already have done.

Just completed the 60 day challange! Before starting this I hated exercise but at 40 something and overweight I needed to do something. This was reccomended to me by work collegues. I never thought I would be able to do it. I have now completed the challange. Becky and her husband are so encouraging and supportive. Everyone who goes to bootcamp are an amazing group of people and I am now continuing and feel fantastic.

Gaynor Thomas

Find Out More

If you’d like to know more Llanelli Beach Bootcamp or any of other activities then please get in touch.